Sting - Songs From The Labyrinth

  • Kod produktu:602517031395
  • Długość płyty: 48:25
  • Ilość utworów na płycie: 23
  • Rok wydania: 2006
  • Opakowanie: Digipack

  • Stan magazynowy: Dostępny
  • 19,00zł

  • Sting - Songs From The Labyrinth
  1. Walsingham00:38
  2. Can She Excuse My Wrongs?02:35
  3. 'Ryght Honorable: As I Have Bin Most Bounde Unto Your Honor...'00:40
  4. Flow My Tears04:42
  5. Have You Seen The Bright Lily Grow02:35
  6. '...Then In Time Passing One Mr. Johnson Died...'00:32
  7. The Most High And Mighty Christianus The Forth, King Of Denmark, His Galliard03:01
  8. The Lowest Trees Have Tops02:16
  9. '...And Accordinge As I Desired Ther Cam A Letter...'00:55
  10. Fine Knacks For Ladies01:50
  11. '...From Thence I Went To The Landgrave Of Hessen...'00:24
  12. Fantasy02:42
  13. Come Heavy Sleep03:45
  14. Forlorn Hope Fancy03:07
  15. '...And From Thence I Had Great Desire To See Italy...'00:28
  16. Come Again02:56
  17. Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me02:40
  18. '...After My Departure I Caled To Mynde Our Conference...'00:29
  19. Weep You No More, Sad Fountains02:38
  20. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home01:34
  21. Clear Or Cloudy02:47
  22. '...Men Say That The Kinge Of Spain Is Making Gret Preparation...'01:01
  23. In Darkness Let Me Dwell04:10

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