Kid Loco - Jesus Life For Children Under 12 Inches

  • Kod produktu:639842691222
  • Długość płyty: 69:46
  • Ilość utworów na płycie: 12
  • Rok wydania: 1999
  • Opakowanie: Plastikowe

  • Stan magazynowy: Dostępny
  • 30,00zł

  1. The Viaduct (On The Right Banke Of The River Mix)06:02
  2. You Who Are Reading Me Now (Love Experience Mix)05:35
  3. 4-35 In The Morning (Talkin' Blues Mix)04:35
  4. Traveller (Once Upon A Time In The East Mix)05:47
  5. La Chambre (Where Were You Mix)05:30
  6. Les Réprouvés (Action Time Mix)04:19
  7. A Little Soul (Lafayette Velvet Revisited Mix)05:10
  8. Penetrare (Belleville B-Boy Mix)05:24
  9. The Air I Breathe (Land Of 1000 Strings Mix)05:47
  10. Tracy (Playing With The Young Team Mix)08:28
  11. Youpi (Space Spaghetti Mix)05:23
  12. Homespin Rerun (The Space Raid Mix)07:46

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